Ink and Watercolor. I’m originally from Queens, New York–which I never liked. I always thought of it as a place where Caribbean immigrants moved after the requisite stop-over in Brooklyn on the their to becoming lower middle class. After I’d been out in the world for a while and decided to come back to New York for a spell, I moved to Brooklyn–which I LOVED! One of my favorite things about Brooklyn is the architecture–those beautiful brownstones with so much history embedded in their bricks and mortar, stamped into their creaky hardwood floors, driven into the gorgeous wainscoting. The house I lived in while in Brooklyn was none of those things. But one thing that I also loved about Brooklyn was that one could get to those things that one loved either by walking a few loooong blocks or taking a train. I envision these buildings with a beautiful muscular black man standing in front on the sidewalk, sporting a huge, impeccably rounded afro.

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