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Psychedelic Bee on a Psychedelic Flower

  Psychedelic Bee on a Psychedelic Flower watercolor with handmade paper I’ve been spending a lot of time in nature thanks to this gorgeous weather that has finally made its way to the midwest–absolutely in love with the Earth!

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These are my first attempts at capturing the vibrancy of the houses piled one on top of the other perched on the mountains of Port-au-Prince. Seen from a distance, there is sometimes the illusion that the houses are little blasts … Continue reading

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I was going through a vertical line stage–saw them in everything so that this and the one before it, “forest”, are both inspired by the line. Where the waterfall ends or begins does not matter. Torn paper on watercolor paper.

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Perhaps inspired by the adage, “one may not be able to see the forest for the trees”. I’m thinking that sometimes it’s okay just enjoy each unique and beautiful tree and then soften one’s eyes so as to be able … Continue reading

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Ink and Watercolor. I’m originally from Queens, New York–which I never liked. I always thought of it as a place where Caribbean immigrants moved after the requisite stop-over in Brooklyn on the their to becoming lower middle class. After I’d … Continue reading

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