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Red Alert: 90% of junk food targeted to Black and Latinx kids Study finds

  A new study confirms what we already know — food companies target nearly 90% of junk food ads to black and latinx children. This is a 50% increase since 2013, while advertising to white children has declined. Their goal with … Continue reading

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Review of Will Allen’s The Good Food Revolution

For the past three years or so I’ve been collecting books on black people’s historical and contemporary relationship with farming. My love affair with the topic began when I tuned into John Robbin’s Food Revolution Summit, which I had been … Continue reading

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Ageless Woman

How young do you think she is? Meet this amazing 70 + year old woman who has been a raw vegan for over 25 years!! Ageless Woman One of my students sent me a link to a news program on … Continue reading

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