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I have wanted to watch the film Master, starring Regina Hall, written and directed by Mariama Diallo, since it first came out last spring on Prime video. Something always came up–which is fine. Everything in its time. I finally got to watch … Continue reading

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I Broke Up with Netflix/Don’t Look Up

As I hovered my finger over the “Cancel” button just a few days before I was scheduled to have yet another $14.99 deducted from my bank account, I remembered with fondness my many hours spent with Netflix. How it had … Continue reading

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We Demand Our Share of Life: Exploring Haiti’s Cinematic Truths

This past Saturday Haiti suffered yet another blow to what I consider its ongoing revolutionary war. For independence. For true and lasting freedom.  This most recent blow was in the form of a 7.2 earthquake, bigger than the one that devastated … Continue reading

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ADIFF’s A Taste of Our Land and the New Colonization of Africa

I’m not a fan of Hillary Clinton or her husband. I know too much about the harm they’ve repeatedly brought to Haiti. But even the Devil tells the truth sometimes.  Several years ago, in 2011, then U.S. Secretary of State … Continue reading

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Black Woman Magic

Black girl magic is real.  Black woman magic is real.  It’s in Nina Simone singing “Blues for Mama” in the way that only she could.  It’s in Harriet Tubman, who, though illiterate in the white man’s language (because he made … Continue reading

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Review of The Green Book: Guide to Freedom: The Essential Travel Guide for a Segregated America

A few weeks ago I momentarily considered laying my hard-earned cash down to see Green Book in the theatres. Fortunately for me, I thought to check out reviews of the film ahead of time. The ones I paid attention to were … Continue reading

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Bonus! Review of Well-Read Black Girl and If Beale Street Could Talk

I’ve been thinking a lot about service lately; more specifically, I’ve been thinking about how people serve their communities in ways that ring true to them and are impactful. While there are things that we do that we can easily … Continue reading

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Eastern Market and the DIA

  Ever since I moved to this part of the U.S. I’ve wanted to learn more about Detroit than simply that it was the home of Motown–a feat in itself. I knew that it had once been a hub of … Continue reading

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CFP Extended: Raoul Peck Anthology

The critically acclaimed filmmaker, Raoul Peck, has a long and impressive filmography that includes both feature films such as Haitian Corner (1987-88), L’homme sur les quais (The Man by the Shore) (1993) and Moloch Tropical  (2009) and documentaries, like Lumumba, … Continue reading

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CFP: NeMLA Panel: Caribbean Film as Witness

Call for Papers Caribbean Film as Witness 44th Annual Convention, Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA) March 21-24, 2013 Boston, Massachusetts Host Institution:  Tufts University This panel focuses on the deployment of the medium of film from and about the Caribbean … Continue reading

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