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I was going through a vertical line stage–saw them in everything so that this and the one before it, “forest”, are both inspired by the line. Where the waterfall ends or begins does not matter. Torn paper on watercolor paper.

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Perhaps inspired by the adage, “one may not be able to see the forest for the trees”. I’m thinking that sometimes it’s okay just enjoy each unique and beautiful tree and then soften one’s eyes so as to be able … Continue reading

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Sunset or Sunrise

Torn paper collage. I didn’t start this piece with any particular picture in mind. I just had a bunch of really beautiful ┬ápaper stuffed into various bags for several years and decided to pull them out and do something with … Continue reading

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Acrylic paint and photographs. This piece is inspired by a news article that I read a few months ago about Libya taking land from Malian farmers in order to grow export crops. It’s a multi-media piece; acrylic paint with photos … Continue reading

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