Celebrating the Remarkable Life of Esther “Essie” Nakajjigo

Esther Nakajjigo

It strikes me as truly tragic when someone who is doing extraordinary things in the world only  becomes widely known when something tragic happens. 

One such tragedy is that of Esther “Essie” Nakajjigo, a young, beautiful Ugandan woman.

The youth trainer, internationally recognized activist, and TV presenter had done more to make the world a better place in her short 25 years than many of us who have lived more than double her years. 

But if you do an internet search of her name, the overwhelming majority of mentions are about the tragic, violent, and totally avoidable manner in which she died this past summer.

This short post seeks to uplift and celebrate what an incredible woman Essie Nakajjigo was and the deeply rooted legacy she leaves behind, compared as she is by one insightful young man, to the mighty Iroko tree.

Youth Voices: Their Perspective: “Goodbye champion for women and girls”

Indeed as the author, Chimaobi Omeye, states “Esther’s branches spread wider and grew stronger as she empowered girls to continue their education after childbirth.”

Rest in Power Essie! 

Nakajjigo’s profile on Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders

Nakajjigo’s Organization, Saving Innocence

An interview with Nakajjigo from Drexel University

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