Iyore (I Return)

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I’ve been thinking a lot about Death lately (I capitalize the word to show him the respect and reverence that he deserves). 

Again, I haven’t been reflecting on Death in a macabre sense, but rather as a kind (of) guide to the way to live in the fullness of this Life (again, capitalized as a sign of respect and reverence for her) that has been gifted to me for a Time.

One thing that this virus has brought into focus is the precariousness of Life here on Earth that we too often take for granted. 

But as this wonderful artist whom I have recently discovered comes to recognize after a Near-Death Experience (also capitalized for the lessons that they come to teach us), this Life can be compared to a marketplace to which our Souls (need I explain the reason for the capitalization here?) have chosen to come to trade our Gifts (for those ready to receive them), our Secrets (for those open to hearing) for however long it lasts for us. 

When we are done our Souls, having chosen to incarnate in these Bodies (in all their beautiful imperfection), return Home (which is really wherever we are once we recognize the truth of our innate Divinity).

The artist’s name is Imuetinyan Ugiagbe.

I learned about her from Gratefulness.org which gives me a dose of gratitude every morning!

What Gifts are you here to trade? What Secrets are you here to tell?

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