Trees Take Us to the Gods: Vodou and the Environment

In conjunction with the 27th Haitian Studies Association Conference
Université de Montréal, Québec, Canada
Wednesday, October 21–Sunday, October 25, 2015

Under the Aegis of Klèmezin, Minis Azaka, and Bway Gede

The Lwa of agriculture and of hard work and of common folks, Klèmezinn and Azaka, the male and female “seed,” make things grow, while Bwa [Brav] Gede announces the death of all, as surely as our sun itself will die someday! So-called nature religions are anchored in scientific phenomena and their manipulations, recognizing that all fragile creatures are one, sharing both DNA and purposeful intent. The mineral, vegetal, and animal kingdoms are the foundations of our lives on a creative and living planet. We create the environment and are created by it, simultaneously, as an indication of our cosmic powers as agents. In Vodou and other indigenous African religions the notion of environment suggests a philosophical, religious, cosmological belief and attitude of embedded continuity tacitly comprehended.

Please submit a whole panel of no more than four presenters (a fifth person may chair or moderate a panel), or an individual paper by May 31, 2015 to the Program Committee. Each presentation should be no more than fifteen minutes (2,000 words or 7–8 pages in length), allowing time for discussion. An abstract of approximately 300–500 words with the title of the paper should be submitted on one page; on a separate cover page, the name(s) of the presenter(s), together with institutional affiliation(s), if applicable, and the title of the presentation(s) should also be included. Full panel submissions should submit one file with all of the applicants’ abstracts and required information. Additionally, applicants must provide current contact information such as mailing address, telephone numbers and e-mail address, also to be submitted by May 31, 2015. All proposals will be peer-reviewed, and you shall be informed of a final decision on participation by June 30, 2015.

Papers should be submitted online to the Program Committee at

One must be a member of KOSANBA to present a paper at the conference. Registration is also required for all presenters. Registration fees are required for nonmembers to attend the conference. All those who are scholars and/or practitioners are invited to submit an application in order to join the association.

Registration information will be posted at

Questions? Please email or phone 805-893-3914.

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