Launch of Alligator Woods Greeting Cards and Posters for Free Spirits!!!


Greetings wonderful followers (however many or few of you there are:),

Tada!! I’ve just launched my new/so-long-in-the-making business:

Several people over the years have asked about buying the paintings and collages that I have here on Bwa Kayiman. Well, while I can’t sell the originals (I need them too much) I am making prints of many of them available to you as quality heavy stock blank 5×7 greeting cards (envelops included) and heavyweight coated 11×17 posters!! Yay!!!

Shipping is FREE for orders of $25 or more!!!

You can keep these bits of inspiration for yourself or give them away–or both.

I look forward to hearing from you–questions, comments, orders anyone? 🙂



Alligator Woods Creations


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