Job Opening: Director, Office of University Partnerships (OUP) for Haiti

Office of University Partnerships (OUP) for Haiti
Job Announcement: Director

The tragic earthquake of January 12, 2010, devastated the Haitian education system, including its institutions of higher education.  Even before the earthquake, the Haitian university system suffered from extremely low enrollment rates (estimated at 1% of the age group), resource shortages, and poor administration.  Few Haitians who complete secondary school can afford higher education, and many who begin university drop out before earning their degree.

As part of the rebuilding effort, several international universities and institutions have committed to support higher education in Haiti. The Government of Haiti (GoH) has also partnered with the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) to create an operational plan for the rebuilding and revitalization of the Haitian higher education system with the goal of improving quality and access.  All the international and local meetings, seminars, conferences held hitherto, discussed the need to establish
partnerships between Haitian universities and international universities and organizations, giving Haitian universities access to a range of resources including technical expertise, technology transfer, academic exchange, and access to capital, with focus on several key areas including university finance and administration, modernization of standards and curriculum, strengthening the professorial corps, distance learning and language instruction. A Higher Education Steering committee of high-level officials both national and international has been created in order to better
coordinate these efforts.

Based at FOKAL/HELP in Port-au-Prince, the OUP Director reports to FOKAL’s President who in turn will keep the Higher Education Steering Committee informed. The Director will facilitate, track, and report on partnerships between Haitian universities and international universities, university consortia and other relevant organizations, to improve the quality of, and increase access to, university education in Haiti.

The Director will be the responsible for the following tasks:

* Collect information necessary for an accurate assessment of each university and higher education institution in their current state and create a database as a reference for planning processes.
* Work with Haitian universities to determine areas of collaboration with international partners, and brokering matches between Haitian and international universities.
* Facilitating, as needed, all aspects of partnerships, from cultivating initial interest, to execution of partnership agreements, tracking progress, advising stakeholders, troubleshooting and reporting.
* Creating and maintaining a clearinghouse/database of all active partnerships, areas of need, potential partners and other relevant data.
* Marketing the work of the Office of University Partnerships abroad, including outreach meetings with international universities and other stakeholders.
* Researching grant opportunities for partnerships and for the OUP itself. Grant writing for OUP.
* Drafting, in conjunction with relevant GoH officials and the Higher Education Steering Committee, a document outlining suggested partnership models to international universities.
* Supervising staff or consultants.

Job requirements:
* Bachelor’s degree required. Graduate degree preferred.
* Experience in higher education
* Good working knowledge of the Haitian university system
* Demonstrated leadership, communication, problem-solving, organizational, and presentation skills.
* Demonstrated ability to achieve results, working independently amid challenging conditions.
* Fluent in French and English, spoken and written; Creole preferred

Applicants should send CV and cover letter, in French or English, to:
Submission deadline is September 20, 2010.

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