Organic Consumers Association

So, it turns out that one of the wonderful perks of signing the petition for Monsanto to cease and desist its invasion of Haiti was being added to this super listserv from the Organic Consumers Association.

About once a week I get a breakdown of news, initiatives and opportunities to support a better world for myself and my loved ones.

Today, I’ve moved one step closer to being not only an organic foods consumer but also an organic foods farmer (facilitator?).

Below are some of the stories in this week’s issue.

Please check it out!!

In this issue:

  • Quote of the Week: UN Says Organic Farming Can Feed World, Save Climate
  • Alert of the Week: Dupont Dame Follows Monsanto Men Into Obama Administration
  • Scandal of the Week: Ethanol and Animal Feed from Monsanto’s GE Corn Are the Biggest Culprits in Gulf Dead Zone
  • Video of the Week: Toxic Chemical Lobby – Exclusive Leaked Footage
  • Little Bytes
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