Gwo Jan


Yesterday morning I ate a huge breakfast of eggs and aransaw and a plate of fruit. I got papaya, mango, pineapple, and oranges bordered by pretty citron leaves and a couple of slices of citron.

Serge came over and then Francky soon after. We sat around for a bit, chatting, listening to music and looking at photos. Finally, we got to work.

My interview with Francky went really well. He’s a great interviewee who has obviously spent a lot of time thinking deeply about his purpose in life, the band’s mission, Haiti’s role in the world. I’m really glad I asked him.

Serge told me story that he had heard about Bwa Kayiman. Apparently, the center is not in Okap as I had been told, but Gonaives.

Serge and I headed up to see Carla and Ron in Gwo Jan. it was a major journey as I had read that morning that the reason for the gas shortage was it was being brought over from Venezuela and there had been a delay. It should be cleared up by today, Sunday.  We’ll see.

It is all people were talking about as we took a taxi, a bus, and then two moto taxis. My pores and eyes were very unhappy. The dust!!

We finally made it up what a treat that was. Such a sanctuary.

When I was here in the Summer of 2008 I spent a bunch of time up there, sleeping on the balcony, listening to the water in the ravine just outside their house.

Since the earthquake all of her guest rooms are full of people who lost their homes. Anyone who needs shelter is welcome there, including me.

She told me some amazing stories including one of how Mona survived. Mona lived in the dark little hovel that had just enough room for his twin bed, a small space to walk and a space for his tv. He had no windows so whenever anyone entered they had to light a candle. The day of the quake he was in bed sick. That’s where he was when the ground began shaking.  He stood up to get a better sense of what was happening. He thought his house was collapsing. As he was standing there the whole house collapsed around him. He found a hole above his head and clawed his way up to the surface.

I found Mona painting in the yard at Carla’s.

Carla and talked about everything under the sun, as usual, just enjoying each others’ company. Serge, Ron and another very talented young brother named Naji made music.

Ari is now working with farmers; a perfect world for him to have entered into.

Today, So Do.

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