Chay Namn


Yesterday was really superb. During our little soiree in the bar that first night I mentioned to Francky that I had brought down some art supplies and hoped to do an art project with children. Francky was very excited and said that he and his band work with the French Red Cross performing and doing art project with children every Friday. He invited me to come and do a project with them.

The invitation grew into my coming to Chay Namn’s rehearsal on Friday morning and then proceeding over to the Red Cross afterwards.

So at 8 am Serge picked me up and we headed up to Petionville to the Café des Arts, Galerie Monnin.

One by one the band members began arriving. It was good to see them again. By 10 everything was underway and I spent the next two hours enthralled by their genius, talent, passion and commitment. I really enjoyed watching them interact with one another. They laughed a lot, cheered each other on, supported on another, coached each other and fed off of each others’ rhythm and energy. It was pure brilliance.

Afterwards they called me over to interview me. They wanted to make sure that I had come with appropriate and worthwhile materials, that I had a plan and a reason and that the children would benefit. When they were satisfied with my answers and explained each of their roles in their system to me we headed further up the mountain to a wonderfully open and brightly painted space. There we were given a lovely lunch and then we waited.

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