Timoun Rezistans

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I spent almost the entire day with Eugene. Serge and I went downtown around 9:30. We took pictures of Sacre Coeur and St. Trinity.

Sacre Coeur

Sacre Coeur

St. Trinity

St. Trinity

What used to be the chimney

What used to be the chimney

We then headed over to Eugene’s—ended up staying there for hours.

On the way there I saw Haitian women driving Mack trucks.

I took a bunch of photos of the artists, both adults and children.

Eugene had a lot of questions for me, so I wasn’t the one who was in control of the interview.

Serge told me a crazy story about the Bwa Kayiman never taking place. He says all good houngans know this story—that the name refers to a house in the woods of a woman named Imam.

I got lots of footage of the timoun rezistans making art, discussing art, being art and Eugene guiding them.

Serge had to leave early to teach his dance class. I stayed with Eugene and had a really great conversation with him about art, politics, the Slave Route Project and the politics of art.

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