The Small Axe Online Caribbean Literary Salon

The Small Axe Project is developing a section of the Small Axe website ( which will be dedicated to literary discussions, interviews with Caribbean writers, reviews of new publications (creative and scholarly) related to the Caribbean, and short pieces by emerging and established Caribbean writers.  The Small Axe literary salon is intended primarily to provide a wide variety of up-to-date information for those with an interest in Caribbean literature in particular and Caribbean Studies in general. The platform is expected to be completed and launched by the end of June 2010.

Small Axe has a respected reputation amongst Caribbean scholars and artists.  Initiated in 1997 as an independent journal of Caribbean studies, Small Axe publishes scholarly articles, interviews, short fiction, poetry, book discussions, and visual art projects. Most recently, the Small Axe Project has been recognized by grants from the Ford Foundation and the Andy Warhol Foundation.

We invite submissions of:

  • short reviews of recent creative literary works by Caribbean authors (750-1,000 words)
  • short reviews of recent scholarly works related to Caribbean literary studies (750-1,000 words)
  • short interviews with Caribbean authors and/or literary scholars (2,000-2,500 words)

To avoid duplication, please send review/interview queries to

We will be accepting submissions on a rolling basis, but would prefer a selection by March 15, 2010 for the initial launch.

Please send inquiries and submissions to

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