Saints and Spirits: Art of Haiti

While the world tries to comprehend the magnitude of loss and devastation caused by the recent earthquake in Haiti, the arts community of New Orleans has responded with an intense identification that befits the close geographical, historical and cultural ties between Haiti and South Louisiana. These ties are deep-rooted, extending their shared French heritage as well as the slave-based economy of the 18th and 19th century sugar cane industry.

Responding to Haiti’s suffering in a way that honors these close ties while directly supporting the earthquake’s victims posed a challenge, so the CAC approached artist Tina Girouard (longtime supporter & collector of Haitian art) with the goal of enhancing public awareness of the vitality of Haitian culture through its unique community of sequin and metal artists. A portion of proceeds from the sale of works in Saints & Spirits: Art of Haiti will go directly to support the families of this artistic community.

Featured artists include: Antoine Oleyant, Georges Valris, Edgar St. Louis, Gabriel Bien-Aime and Pierrot Barra. Some of their works are offered for sale as a means of getting direct support to artists in Haiti.

Exhibition organized with Haiti Arts (Tina Girouard, USA and Dr Jacques Bartoli, Haiti)

Currently In Our Galleries: On view through June 6, 2010

Full exhibition on view during gallery hours:

Thursday – Sunday, 11am – 4pm

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