A Message from the Haitian Studies Association: Earthquake Response

On Tuesday January 12, 2010, Haiti experienced a devastating earthquake that is profoundly impacting Haitians in Haiti as well as those outside of Haiti, including many members of the association and their families.  The Board of Directors of the Haitian Studies Association (HSA) sends our heartfelt prayers and thoughts to our brothers and sisters  in Haiti as well as those in the Diaspora who have family members in Haiti.  We hold in our thoughts all of our members who are waiting news of family members, friends and loved ones. We hope for the best outcome for all of you.

HSA is committed to supporting Haitians in Haiti and in the Diaspora.  The Board of Directors would like to express their commitment to help identify the ways in which we can support Haiti and the Haitian people during this difficult time and during the process of rebuilding and long term recovery.

We encourage all of you to make your contributions to the following highly transparent and reputable organizations that are providing relief and sustainable support to organizations, families and individuals in affected communities. Please note that we are in no way endorsing these organizations, nor are we claiming that they are the only ones engaged in responsible relief action in Haiti.

Fonkoze- www.fonkoze.org

Lambi Fund- www.lambifund.org/

Partners in Health- www.pih.org

Please Specify Earthquake Assistance when submitting your donation.

In solidarity,

Guerda Nicolas, President

Dr. Marc Prou, Executive Director


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