Kristina’s WPS

Yesterday was Kristina Bobo’s “Work in Progress” Session. We each do one. The way it works is, about a week before our session, the ARC Director, Val, sends our paper out to a core group of people–faculty members and each other–and anyone else we might want to attend. We read the paper and then come together over a very lovely lunch to critique it, offer suggestions, etc. Inevitably, all kinds of subjects come up as faculty members reminisce about their days as young(er) scholars, conferences, publications, the hiring and tenure process…

So, here are the three of us after Kristina’s session:

Toni, Kristina and Cedric post WPS

Toni, Kristina and Cedric post WPS

I was kind of wiped out as it has been a pretty stressful week. After having an article under review for the past couple of years at a major journal I got a rejection email while I was in Indiana.

I know the thing to do is jump right back in, revise, revise, revise and submit either to the same place or another publication. Nonetheless, as for most of us, rejections shake the confidence.

I’ve also begun sending out my novel manuscript. I got one very nice rejection from a publisher and a one line “not for me” note from an agent. A friend of mine has volunteered to introduce me to his agent and another is going to put me in touch with her friend who had her book published so there is still hope …

On a good note, I decided to submit some of my artwork to the Paul Robeson Cultural Center on campus and got a lovely email from the director saying that he and his staff would love to exhibit my work from March to August of next year. Woohoo!

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