Going Home?

I’m on my way back home from Bloomington. Since Bloomington does not have an airport for commercial flights I had to take the shuttle back to Indianapolis about an hour away. I did learn from my taxi driver this morning that there is a charter airplane service here. He regularly takes students back and forth. “Someone’s got money and it ain’t me”, he said.

The shuttle from Bloomington leaves every two hours so I’m sitting in the airport with about three hours to go before my flight leaves. Better early than not at all. And with the airlines absolutely losing their minds as far as customer service is concerned I figured I should not take chances and try to get on the 12:30 shuttle.

There are thankfully, two shuttles that come to Bloomington from the airport. I missed the first one because I went back inside the lobby for a second and then got into a conversation with Joaneson, a young graduate student who is studying engineering in Paris and Haiti. Just as I looked up, the “Star of America” which I planned to take to the airport because it was $10 cheaper than the “Bloomington Shuttle” was driving away. Long story short, when the “Bloomington Shuttle” came, I very thankfully discovered that the price of the ride was reduced for the holidays from $25 to $15. No harm, no foul. The driver seemed a lot more anal, but more adept than the one that we came in on.

I did manage to slip in one last panel before I left—and boy, am I glad it went. Kate Ramsey did a wonderful rereading of the Catholic Church’s “Anti-Superstition Campaign”, Alessandra Benedicty raised some great and important questions about Haitian aesthetics and their place in Western paradigms. Nathan Jérémie-Brink did a reading of two African-American priests who were sent to Haiti in the early 19th century to “civilize” Haitians, but they were much more interested in exalting the revolutionary potential that Haiti represented for African-Americans. Finally Karen Richards did a nice analysis of migration, community and their mimetic relationship with practitioners of Vodun.

Here’s some of the artwork I found in the Philadelphia Airport on my way home. The artwork is by Alex Queral. They’re made from phone books:

On the plane from Philly to State College I sat next to a woman who turned out to be a distinguished professor music at Penn State and a UW-Madison alumna. Such a small world.

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